Palletizing TEC PAL CD

The TEC PAL CD model


The TEC-PAL CD with Collaborative Palleting was created to be installed besides the pallet. It has the capacity to supply two pallets. That is to say, on the exit of the box sealer, the boxes will be detected by a sensor attached on the work line. Once the sensor detects the box, the cycle starts, It sends a sign to a robot that, in turn, grabs the box with suction cups and vaccuum system. It palletizes the boxes according to what is configured on the Robot Control Panel (pre-programmed on the instructions). When the pallet is ready, it sends a signal to remove the pallet and, then, it starts a new process on a next pallet. The greatest advantage on the TEC-PAL CD model is that the line production never stops for lack of pallet removal. The robot is fixed on a structure (servo motor axle) that follows the lifting, making it easier to supply pallets higher than 1400mm.

  • Development of the claw according to its box
  • Easy changeover
  • Extremely compact
  • Modular, possible to be installed and adapted in your production line
  • Easy to install and configurate
  • Quick PAY BACK
  • Available in many configurations