The TCE-STD 12 model


The TCE-STD 12 is built to work for years in operation. A convenient and large box magazine and a box erector are built inside the same tubular reinforced structure, and it is welded and painted with epoxy.
The boxes are removed from the magazine through suction cups. A mechanic system gets the box from the magazine and positions it in the lower flaps folding station. The four flaps from the box are folded before go into the sealing area. This modern concept allows a better efficiency on boxes erection. This is due to the box being set on a 90º position and pneumatic system with self-sliding roller conveyor. It pushes the box into a belt conveyor that will bring it to the bottom seal area. There, a 3m tape head applies it automatically. All machine moves are controlled by PLC and set-up, and the changeovers are simple and fast.


Range and maximum speed: up to 12 boxes per minute.

  • Sturdy built
  • Welded with 02 paint components
  • Clean design with easy access to all sides of the machine
  • Doors with polycarbonate protection and emergency stop switch in all doors
  • Machine Construction (Right or Left)
  • Quick change of shape with handles
  • Ergonomic Magazine
  • Horizontal Magazine with traction on the base of the display
  • Easy access for supplying
  • It can be fed with the machine in motion
  • Low level sensor
  • Electronic
  • Light tower indicating the machine status
  • Communication with the production line
  • PLC Allen Bradley ou Siemens
  • Frequency Inverter to increase or decrease speed
  • JOG mode to help you exchange formats
  • Friendly HMI
  • Articulated arm of the HMI for easy access to several points of the machine
  • Security
  • Equipment manufactured following NR12 (Brazilian labor technical regulations) with technical report and the ART (Anotação de Responsabilidade Técnica – Technical Term of Responsibility)
  • Protection doors made with polycarbonate and security micros in all doors
  • Zero access on movable parts
  • Emergency buttons on both sides of the machine
  • Efficiency
  • Folding of the 4 tabs before the lower box sealing
  • Quick change of shape with handles
  • Low tape level sensor
  • Tape rupture sensor
  • Venture System for removing boxes with auto cleaner system