Automatic TCP – A

The TCP-A model


The TCP-A is the evolution of the TCP (semi-automatic) and it was developed for clients who look for a simpler automation, which requires a speed of maximum of 7 boxes per minute.
The equipment verifies the quantity of products that will be placed inside the box, according to information on the CLP, storing them in a proper place. The boxes get in the TCP-A automatically through a motorized conveyor attached on the boxes erecting line or a manual erecting station. When the box enters the TCP-A, a piece holds it and brings it to a loading area, where the products are automatically inserted in the box and, then, the box is placed back on the roller conveyor and sent to the sealing area. The cycle is repeated.


Range and maximum speed: up to 250 cartons or 7 shipping boxes per minute


  • Sturdy built
  • Welded with 02 paint components
  • Clean design with easy access to all sides of the machine
  • Doors with polycarbonate protection and emergency stop switch in all doors
  • Machine Construction (Right or Left)
  • Quick change of shape with handles
  • Electronic
  • Light tower indicating the machine status
  • Communication with the production line
  • PLC Allen Bradley
  • Optional Smart Machine
  • Efficiency indicator
  • HMI according to ISA 101
  • Interactive HMI
  • Electronic manual at HMI
  • Articulated arm of the HMI for easy access to several points of the machine
  • Security
  • Equipment manufactured following NR12 (Brazilian labor technical regulations) with technical report and the ART (Anotação de Responsabilidade Técnica – Technical Term of Responsibility)
  • Protection doors made with polycarbonate and security micros in all doors
  • Zero access on movable parts
  • Emergency buttons on both sides of the machine
  • Category 3
  • Efficiency
  • Automatic box inpunt
  • TCP-A can be integrated into a production line
  • Internal sensor to ensure the exact quantity of products