Automatic PEGASUS – R

The PEGASUS-R model


With a modern design and a sturdy structure, the PEGASUS was projected to work with servomotors to ensure precise moves. The cartons are inserted randomly through a belt conveyor attached to the production line. The box erecting is done through a suction positive system, that is to say, a vacum point holds the box and another arm with vacum moves opening the box, simulating a hand. After it is open and positioned, the products are packaged and piled in a required quantity in an area called preload. Transferred to a loading area, a motorized servo arm moves to the box allowing the flaps opening for the insertion of the cartons.  On this step, it starts the integration with the traceability system. After the cartons are inserted in the box, the Pegasus-R sends information to the traceability system that automatically takes a picture and process the information.  If the box is okay, it follows until the sticker and discard system that, in turn, applies the sticker on the correct place of the box. A camera check the quality of the sticker and, if it discard is necessary, the system automatically rejects the box, informing Pegasus-R and the traceability system.


Range and maximum speed: up to 300 cartons or 15 shipping box per minute.


  • Sturdy built
  • Very sturdy for 24/7 work
  • Clean design with easy access to all sides of the machine
  • Doors with polycarbonate protection and emergency stop switch in all doors
  • Quick change of shape with handles
  • Reject system integrated into the machine structure
  • Print support and cameras fixed to the machine frame
  • Ergonomic Magazine
  • Horizontal Magazine with traction on the base of the display
  • Easy access for supplying
  • It can be fed with the machine in motion
  • Low level sensor
  • Electronic
  • Light tower indicating the machine status
  • Communication with the production line
  • PLC Allen Bradley
  • Servo motors controlling the main movements
  • Form the Box
  • Positioning of the box
  • Product Grouping
  • Inserting products into the box
  • Carrying of  boxes
  • Friendly HMI
  • Security
  • Equipment manufactured following NR12 (Brazilian labor technical regulations) with technical report and the ART (Anotação de Responsabilidade Técnica – Technical Term of Responsibility)
  • Protection doors made with polycarbonate and security micros in all doors
  • Zero access on movable parts
  • Emergency buttons on both sides of the machine
  • Efficiency
  • Total servo motor control
  • Low tape level sensor
  • Tape rupture sensor
  • Box formation positive system