About tecnor

Made up of the companies Tecnor Comércio and Tecnor Indústria, the Tecnor Group’s mission is to launch into the market with a new work structure that is capable of offering complete solutions for Packaging (End-of-line automation), from the customer incorporated process of creating packaging up to equipment development and solutions for line boxing and packaging. It was in this line of thinking that the group was created. Approaching customers, seeking to understand their needs in order to offer them more appropriate solutions and provide efficient lines that precisely serve our customers’ needs.

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Tecnor industry

Tecnor Indústria is a company that does not limit itself to the development of machines but also seeks to achieve the best results for every customer need. Investing in technology and always striving for better performance, on the global level Tecnor Indústria is an equal to the principal companies in the sector, and is capable of offering complete solutions for its production line.

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Tecnor trade

Continuing to produce the Nordson, minimizing loss and stop time due to lack of maintenance or lack of basic replacement items: this is our principal objective. With a complete structure and a completely qualified team that is focused on solving problems, Tecnor Comércio is capable of consistently offering the best of service to customers. With specialized service in technical assistance and maintenance, Tecnor has its own stock of original Nordson pieces (hoses, nozzles, spouts, electronic boards, and others) meant for solving daily problems.

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